Working for peace

Jordan is working with the United States, European Union and other international partners to address the region’s key central crisis and single greatest driver of division, injustice, extremism and instability: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Jordan considers the resolution to this conflict a higher national security interest, which also serves the interests of the region and the wider international community.

A just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one that allows a two-state solution and ends the conflict by meeting the needs of both sides. Two states with a sovereign, independent and viable Palestine and security and acceptance for Israel. 

This is the core of all major international proposals, including the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, which has been on the table for over a decade now. This initiative promises to bring Israel peace and security not only with Palestinians but with 57 Arab and Muslim countries as well.

Negotiations must succeed before the window for the two-state solution closes and, with it, the solution to the final status on key issues that deeply affect Jordan: borders, Jerusalem, refugees and water.

Jordan remains hopeful. As one of only two Arab states to have signed a peace treaty with Israel, it knows all too well that with enough goodwill on all sides, and international commitment, peace is within reach.