Holy Mass

Christianity in Jordan

Christians are an integral part of the religious and ethnic fabric of Jordan; they have existed on this land since the early days of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him).

St George Church in Madaba

Today, Jordan’s Christian community prospers in peace and harmony, and lives in genuinely warm and respectful relations with fellow Muslim citizens as colleagues, friends and neighbours.

Christians are free to worship and practice their traditions according to their own beliefs and have their own personal status laws and church courts. Their many holy sites and their educational institutions are safeguarded by the state.

Christians in Jordan are as much part of this country as the land itself. They have played leading roles in the fields of politics, education, health, commerce, industry, tourism, agriculture, science and the arts.

Freedom and equality

Jordan’s tradition of embracing and safeguarding all of its people has helped provide a stable foundation from which the principles of citizenship, liberty and pluralism have sprung.

A number of key instruments and institutions ensure the enforcement, respect and protection of civil rights in the Kingdom. The most important instrument is the Jordanian Constitution that guarantees the equality of all Jordanian citizens regardless of race, religion or origin.

Jordan is the proud signatory of international human rights charters and their principles have been incorporated into its domestic laws.